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It’s surprisingly easy.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest Java
Go to

Download and unpack the files
Go to  Choose a download for your environment from the list of latest releases (in my case that’s Windows).

You will not find any installers here.  Unpack the archive anywhere you like.  In Windows I prefer to keep all my program files under C:\Program Files, so I sent it to C:\Program Files\eclipse.

Place a shortcut to the Eclipse executable on your desktop.

Run the Eclipse executable
I find the start up process more than a bit long.  Update: It seems to start up much faster the second or third time around.

On first start up, a Welcome screen was displayed with links to resources such as tutorials.  Never being one to read the directions, I immediately closed this screen.  I was confused by what happened next.

The IDE laid out for me was unusually bare.  It took some searching to find out I had to activate the PHP part of the the IDE by clicking an icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and selecting PHP.

But overall the process was easy-peasy.


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