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It slows your application down a lot.

I am running Symfony 1.2 in a Windows Vista environment.

If I package the Symfony libraries with my application in the lib/vendor directory, as described in Day 1 of the Jobeet tutorial, there is a significant slowdown in performance (approximately 20 seconds on my recently purchased Dell XPS laptop).

This slowdown happens on the first load of the project inside the web browser, and on the execution of every Symfony shell task.

However, if I use a PEAR distribution of Symfony, this slowdown pretty much goes away entirely.

Here is the difference, depending on which autoloader I place in my config/ProjectConfiguration.php file:

require_once ‘C:\php\PEAR\symfony/autoload/sfCoreAutoload.class.php’;
about 2 or 3 seconds

require_once dirname(__FILE__).’\..\lib\vendor\symfony-1.2.7\lib/autoload/sfCoreAutoload.class.php’;
about 20-22 seconds

I will update this post if I find the reason for this.  In the meantime if you’re developing in Windows, stick to using the PEAR copy.


For more information on this phenomenon, please check out this thread on the Symfony forum.


I tried switching the project over to the PEAR libraries, and there was no change in speed.  I have two projects on the same machine, running off the same libraries, but one is much faster than the other.  I still haven’t figured out what the difference between the two might be.


This may be the final update.  The slow project was created with Symfony 1.2.7.  The Symfony installed from PEAR was 1.2.5.  When I wiped the project generated from 1.2.7 and regenerated with version 1.2.5, the speed jumped up again.

So is there a lesson in all of this?  For now, it’s to use version 1.2.5 installed with PEAR, and not 1.2.7 packaged with the project.  I’ll have to leave it at that for now.


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