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I recently received a request from an SEO / online marketing company to remove the extra title from one of our sites. Symfony was displaying the title information for every page twice; once in the title tag, and again in as a meta tag with name=”title”.

Google was not displaying the title they had given the index page, and there was a concern that Google considered the title duplication to be spam.

Both the title tag and the meta tags are generated from the helper functions include_title and include_metas, respectively. I could find no easy, configuration-based way to tell include_metas to not include the title meta, so I decided replace the helper with the following:


foreach ( sfContext::getInstance()->getResponse()->getMetas() as $name => $content ):
  if ( $name != 'title' ):
    echo tag('meta', array('name' => $name, 'content' => $content))."\n";


About a month later there is no change in how Google displays the site’s index page. Perhaps it will take longer to find out if this will change it. Or if it won’t change anything.

Have you had any trouble with Google not displaying your page titles in their results? Do you know if displaying the same title twice, both in the title tag and in the meta title tag, is affecting things?

Please do comment.